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What is Career Guidance and Support?

A career guidance system can aid people with a range of issues that affect their careers. They can help individuals choose a career path, determine the qualifications and education required for specific jobs or assist those who want to change careers. It also includes offering help with job searching and tips on how to improve the abilities of those who are already in the same field.

The process of career guidance and support begins with the identification of individual needs. This could include an assessment of a person’s strengths and abilities as well as their personality and interests. It will help people understand their options in the field and compare them with their abilities, preferences and goals.

People who seek guidance for their career and support typically do so because they want to make a change or move up the career ladder. It could be that they are bored with their current position, or they feel they have the right qualifications but aren’t successful in securing employment.

For those who are contemplating changing jobs, a career counselor can assist them in identifying their transferable skills and review the job descriptions to identify the most suitable job. They can help in the preparation for interviews and training, such as mock interviews and ‘work-related simulations’ to allow people to try different career options before making a final decision.

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